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“In the midst of a recession, let us not forget our loved ones and the many blessings that are still in our lives. May we build on LOVE and a strong foundation of family. ” ~ Todd Bates

“My Love” 11-19-09

Love is patient love is kind,
It amazes but it’s blind.
Love is laughter overjoyed,
It happens to young girls and older boys.

Not because it robs the cradle,
Just as it cripples it enables.
It starts out as a crush,
It improves from little into much.

As it trickles it does favors,
It introduces to family and neighbors,
It takes you up like elevators.

It makes you fly as it takes you high,
In tough times it helps you get by.
It takes your hand and soothes your back,
When the load is too heavy it picks up slack.

Words can’t express what I gain from it,
And as you achieve I accomplish.
For you I’d try and die by slug,
Bound by blood you are my love.

Written by: Todd Bates 11.19.2009

© Todd Bates Enterprises LLC

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6 Responses

  1. Valencia Cantrell says:

    This was soo sweet.. I loved it.

  2. christy bray says:

    I loved it Todd!!!! NICE!

  3. Jasmine (-jtayy) Destiny. (-dtayy) Keianna (-kmickk) says:

    I like the way you express your feelings on love. Uhh , you made a very good point, and it meant something to me !!
    lovee you coach clean c(:

    I like the fact that youu talk about love and you’re not ashamed of it, it shows that you have a sensitive side to your writing. you inspire me ! – love , destiny !

    I like how youu are able to express yourself openly ! Youu write amazing poems & i love youuu ! – keianna .

  4. Toni L. says:

    hey coach bates!
    i really like this poem! my favorite line is “Not because it robs the cradle, Just as it cripples it enables.” Because it explains that love has the ability to rise and fall, it just explains it in a more complex way. but anyways i like this poem &&& im still writing!
    God Bless!

  5. Holly and Nabila says:

    we give you a 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we love you Coach Bates(:

  6. Sam Phillips says:

    God bless you and Tesa and I truly believe God is going to continue working you all to reach out to others.I will always be here to upport you guys and I pray you all stay the course.Please keep me informed and me and the boysend our love.I went to Pasadena as you know it was great.Roll Tide!

    Sam Pillips


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