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March 2010 – Poem of the Month


 Here I stand as a sinful man,

I played my cards and didn’t win a hand.

I thought I knew when to hold and when to fold,

And now the road is cold because of snow I suppose.

My conscious tells me I’ll be alright,

But I’m wheezing, I’m freezing and I’ve got frostbite.

They say my robe is in heaven but it’s off white,

And when I shine it’s a soft light.

Everyone rates me as a 3rd class,

I gave up on the game in the first half.

But God picked me up and saw me through,

I thought I knew it all but I had no clue.

He is there when you go through the valley,

The score doesn’t matter…only His tally.

When everything shatters He’ll pick up your dreams,

In the midst of crash landings He’ll lift up your wings.

Written By: Todd Bates


© Todd Bates Enterprises LLC

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6 Responses

  1. Kenneth Vandervoort says:

    You’ve got a blessing with your ability to put words together. Enjoyed the poem as always.

    Roll Tide,

  2. Tambra Brown says:

    Hey Todd,

    I love the poem of the month it was
    cute, funny, and inspirational all at the same time
    I am looking foward to next months poem
    thanks love ya and keep up the good work.

    Sister in law
    Tam Tam

  3. Brian Selman says:


    Thanks for introducing me to your poetry. I think most anyone can find commonalities in their own struggle and your words.

    Great work. I look forward to reading more. Roll tide brother.

    Brian Selman

  4. Todd: I enjoyed your March poem. I especially love the last four lines. Thanks for sedning these to me every month. Keep it up!

  5. James Hess says:

    Hey Todd, I enjoyed your March poem and I am already looking forward to the April poem. Keep up the good work because you are a very inspirational writer.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I enjoyed the March poem. I loved it! It reminds us to keep first things first “The Kingdom of God” :)

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