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The excitement is in the air for many people. Football season is set to kick-off and many students are heading back to school. No matter your sport or organization, as Christians we’re all apart of one BIG winning team…God’s Team. Here’s to a great month and a great season…TEAM VICTORY!

“God’s Team”
They call me servant of the most high,
For Him I’ll live and never die.

I work hard for the Lord and through my sweat and His blood,
I am brave and I am saved by His grace and His love.

Mathew, Mark, and Luke, will look at me and salute.
When they pass me the ball I won’t be afraid to shoot.
I want to be in that number and part of that group.

I’ll go to war for Christ, because I’m the hardest of the troops.
Our team is God’s family and we share his roots.
He has the world in his palm.
When I need strength I’ll repent and then I’ll read a Psalm.
He’s the Alpha and Omega, the protector from danger and harm.
He stands with me and helps me weather all the storms.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost…
I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and I will hold Him close.

All of the Archangels have taken me under their wings.
I’ve been a winner since I entered the realm of God’s Team.

Written By: Todd Bates


August, 2010 POEM OF THE MONTH
© Todd Bates Enterprises LLC

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  1. Sam Phillips says:


    Thanks again for your words of inspiration and faith.The boys send thier love.Keep up the good work.May God continue to bless you and Tesa.


  2. Fabian Zinnerman says:

    Todd, I appreciate where you are going with each poem you write.
    I often check your site to catch your next poem of the day. There is a message in every one. I would like to share them with my team, but I haven’t the courage yet. Maybe one day. I did tell that they should check you out.

    Big Fab!

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