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Don’t allow bad past endeavors to last forever…to soothe wrongs, move on. This poem is about overcoming adversity, dominating the competition, and understanding the importance of being consistent and honoring your word. God watches over His word to perform it and as His children we should do the same. When you fall treat the ground like a hot stove and get up. I pray the August, 2012 Poem of the Month touch your life and inspire you to be all that God called you to be.
Have a great month!
-Todd Bates

“Dominate the Field”

A good name is obtained through rain and pain;
It’s something that we train against the grain to gain.
We remember the timber as the fall is slow;
At times we go far to be stars leaving all we know.

The wise man grasps the concept of patience,
And he realizes how ones word affects ones reputation.
Eat your entrée one way and you’ll have space for cake.
It’s sweeter if you greet her when you make mistakes.

When you find hard times be known for how astounding you fought,
When the tough gets rough instead of counting your faults,
Keep your head up and treat those mountains like vaults.

What you lack in knowledge accommodate with will;
If polished, you’ll demolish and dominate the field.

Written By: Todd Bates
(c) Todd Bates Enterprises LLC

3 Responses

  1. Sam Phillips says:

    Todd.We look forward to reading your poems.Keem coming.I pray you are feeling much better and the family have a blessed and happy holiday.The boys send their love

  2. Kenneth Vandervoort says:

    Thanks Todd. I think that one is my favorite one yet. Blessings to you bud.

  3. Sam Phillips says:


    Thanks for your poems.I pray you continue.The boys send their love,may God Bless you ,Tesa and the baby

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