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June, 2013 Poem of the Month, “An Opportunity”

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“An Opportunity”

People look for a window or a door,
It hurts their stomach when they realize they were promised so much more.
Some doors lead to closets and many windows lead outside.
Sometimes we are forced to go out blind and go through life with no outlines.

We travel the road and carry the load, just to get a glance.
We must unravel our code and get in our mode, because we are willing to take a chance.
Although opportunities come seldom,
The trouble and the struggles are welcome.

Through your trials smile because you know that they are soon to be,
Not a lot, just a shot, and an opportunity.

Written By: Todd Bates
June, 2013 Poem of the Month
(c) Todd Bates Enterprises LLC

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  1. Sam Phillips says:

    Thanks coach for your poems and inspiration,may God continue to bless and guide you.Hello to the family the boys send their love.

  2. Sam Phillips says:

    Thanks Todd for your poems and examples.Looking forward to seeing you and family.The boys send their love.God Bless you.

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