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The October, 2013 Poem of the Month is “Testing of your Faith” I pray blessings over your life. Have a great month!

“Testing Of Your Faith”

When things look dim and not sunny bright,
When the chances of reaching dreams look slim because your money’s tight,
You must trust in the evidence of things unseen,
Hang close to your family and be one team.

In this life know that man must grind and champs must hustle.
Keep the faith and leap the gates through the financial struggles.
You’ll get nowhere if you keep thrusting the sword,
Keep your spirits up and trust in the Lord.

Don’t throw a pity party…don’t brag or boast fly,
When you soar tell Rich and Poor you serve the most high.
You have food, water, shelter…you’re blessed there’s no debate.
The blues shall crash, this too shall pass…it’s a testing of your faith.

Written By: Todd Bates
October, 2013 Poem of the Month
(C) Todd Bates Enterprises LLC

2 Responses

  1. 007goddy says:

    This tooooo shall pass! thanks for the word

  2. That poem really says a lot. You are a great encourager .
    Keep up the good work.


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