I am a man of faith and I am a winner. I’ve made mistakes, but instead of making excuses I work everyday to better myself and those around me. I am a husband, father, coach, teacher, author, poet and former football player. I am the Owner & CEO of Todd Bates Enterprises LLC.  In 2005 I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Business Administration. From 2001-2004 I played football for the Crimson Tide at the Defensive End position, wearing number 56. I was named the 2004 Permanent Team Captain and today my hand and footprint is captured in concrete at Denny Chimes on the University of Alabama campus. I also spent time playing in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans. My football career was cut short due to a number of injuries, but just as one door closes, God always opens another!

Since ending my football career, writing and coaching has become a major part of my life. God has blessed me with a creative gift to help motivate and inspire people through words. I have had several poems published, but my most popular poem is, “The Bama Way” which was written to motivate the 2008 Alabama football team. The poem inspired me to dig deeper into the championship history of the University of Alabama football program. I co-authored a book titled, “The Bama Way: Profiles of Champions” with Scott Lynch & Scott Haugen. The book is available at amazon.com. It profiles one player from each of Alabama’s championship seasons. It is a great book that is filled with Crimson Tide history, but more importantly it is a revealing look at how to be a champion in life. Writing is my way of sharing to the world messages of hope and courage. You can see many of my poems under the “Creative Zone” tab on this website or check out the “Poem of the Month”.

I’m a country boy at heart who loves the game of football. I started playing at 5 years old. I had to play with 8 year olds because I was huge for my age. I’ve been a leader for as long as I can remember. The game of football has taught me so much about life and I regret nothing. I am currently the Defensive Line coach at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama, home of the 2014 Ohio Valley Conference Champions. I also serve as Director of Player Development, Community Relations Coordinator, Academic Liaison, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Coordinator and Camp Coordinator. I have previously coached at East Central Community College (2013), Idaho State University (2011-2012), Oxford High School (2008-2011) and Talladega High School (2007).

God blessed me with my beautiful & wonderful wife La’Tesa. She’s been with me no matter what; there to nurse me back to health after all those bone crushing injuries.

We have two children, a girl, Angel Malene, born February, 2011 and a boy, Josiah Todd born February, 2015.

It was a true blessing to play at Alabama and in the NFL. The discipline that this game taught me can now be used in my everyday life. Every experience has molded me into the man I am today. I remember as a young boy dreaming of things that I’ve now touched and places that I’ve now been. Growing up the closest I ever got to a professional athlete was the television. I used to look for role models to step-up and touch my life, and most of the time…no one stepped up. That’s why my goal and vision is for the Todd Bates Football Skills Camp to be a place where young athletes can learn, grow, and become the best.

I’ve hosted the camp since 2007 in my hometown of Heflin, Alabama. It is now an annual event and thanks to the support of great friends, family and sponsors I’ve teamed up with the Heflin Parks and Recreation Department to hold a FREE camp each year to inspire, motiviate, and train young players into stars on & off the playing field! All proceeds from sponsors are donated to the Heflin Recreation Center to continue in their efforts to keep the community active and healthy.

The Todd Bates Football Skills Camp teaches athletic skills as well as lessons in character building. My goal is to work to help bring exposure to the talented athletes who so often get overlooked because they attend a small school or come from a small town. I’ve always wanted to host a camp that will help athletes improve their skills. Now, that dream is a reality…and by God’s grace, the future is so bright!

My Daughter Angel at the 2013 Todd Bates Football Skills Camp

For more information click on the Camp Info tab.
Todd Bates Football Skills Camp Vision: Todd’s Vision

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