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“Prove It” March, 2016 Poem of the Month

Posted by Todd On March - 1 - 2016 1 Comment
Prove It

March, 2016 Poem of the Month “Prove It” Never let up, Always get up. Turn your setbacks into to set ups, Staying hungry when you’re fed up. Winners say blessed, while losers cred luck, Go through the bad times with your head up. Do nothing average, Always savage, Gotta show them you’re the baddest. Automatic  [ Read More ]

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Four Zero Finish

“Four Zero Finish” Eyes on the VISION, Mind on the MISSION, Time is PRECISION, No sign of division. There’s all kinds of collisions when you’re defining TRADITION… and dine-in with WISDOM. Emerging to peak, Allergic to weak, I’m surging to LEAP. This journey’s URGENT & deep, Like the words that I speak, They heard &  [ Read More ]

Do It Every Day

“Do It Every Day” The best of the best, Sweat for the check, Get their respect… Then sit at their desk. There’s debt & then debit, The difference is credit… You want it? Go get it…you will not be fed it… didn’t stutter, just said it. Been hurting since birth, Been merking on turf, And  [ Read More ]

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Work Is Necessary

“Work Is Necessary” Assemble your best, Resemble success, Make yourself known…as a member or guest. Trick plays, Big stage, Only winners get paid, So play all day like you’re in the 6th grade. Examine the stamina & you won’t find tired, Average is afraid of heights but greatness climbs higher. Dig within yourself and as  [ Read More ]

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A Parent's Sacrifice

This month’s poem is in honor of Mother’s and Father’s Day. “A Parent’s Sacrifice” is for all of the parents, biological or not, that step-in and take care of children! Have a great month! “A Parent’s Sacrifice” Nobody tells you what you’ll give up, Times will get hard and you’ll live tough. The late night  [ Read More ]

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